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PhilEnergy pushes for

Energy Efficiency in the country

PhilEnergy supports the Committee on Energy (COE) of the House of Representatives (HRep) and the Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2) during the 4-day exhibition of “A Showcase of Energy Efficiency Services and Technologies” at the Batasan Complex, in Quezon City, Philippines last 11-14 November 2019.

In their speech, the Committee on Energy (COE) of the House of Representatives (HRep) Chairman, Rep. Lord Allan Velasco and Department of Energy (DOE)’s Energy Utilization and Management Bureau Director, Dir. Patrick Aquino highlighted the role of the Energy Efficiency and Conservation Act in scaling up energy efficiency project implementation across the country. They also emphasized the role of energy efficiency market stakeholders, energy efficiency technology and service providers, as well as energy service companies (ESCOs) in ensuring that the energy users from the public and private sector are able to efficiently utilize their end-use of electricity, fuel-based energy, and its other forms.


PE2 President, Mr. Alexander Ablaza added, “now that we have a law in place, it is time for all sectors of the economy to work together and collectively pursue what PE2 believes are achievable 2040 targets: Shave off 182 Millions of tonnes of oil equivalent (Mtoe) in final energy demand, avoid 36 trillion Philippine peso in end-use energy purchases, defer 45,900 MW in energy infrastructure upgrades, reduce GHG emissions by 1.7 GtCO2e, generate new green jobs, produce incremental GDP for the economy, and decelerate rise in energy prices. We can achieve all these if we, the Government, private sector and civil society, work together.”


Since 2015, PE2 and PhilEnergy (formerly RE and EE Philippines) have been working together in promoting the most progressive energy solutions in the country.

Group photo of the Committee on Energy (COE) of the House of Representatives (HRep), Philippine Energy Efficiency Alliance (PE2), and Exhibitors at the “A Showcase of Energy Efficiency Services and Technologies” at the Batasan Complex, in Quezon City, Philippines.

(from left) Ms. Ninette D. David, Business Development Director; Mr. Anthony V. Lee, President; and Mr. Reynan Dela Cruz, Senior Customer Service Engineer and Costing Supervisor

"Newton Electrical Equipment Co. Inc., is the Philippines' leading repair services provider for electric motors, generators, and transformers, for 50 years. Offering engineering solutions that restore industrial machines to their prime condition, Newton supports our customers in achieving its business objectives through highly efficient technology and competent professional services.


Joining PhilEnergy 2021 bridges the opportunity for Newton to connect with international and local companies focusing on energy efficiency.

It brings Newton to the height of its philanthropic goal in making a difference to the society and to expand opportunities globally. As we welcome innovations in energy efficiency, PhilEnergy is at its best in leading the mission to connect and inspire industry players and advocates to unite for a greater purpose."

- Ms. Ninette D. David, Business Development Director

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